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N-emy eSports

N-emy is an eSports organization founded in Mid-December of 2018. N-emy is mainly focused on competitive and professional level gameplay while maintaining a friendly environment for its members.
For those who are not interested in competitive gaming, we also offer a nice hangout place. We put a lot of hard work and professionalism into what we do, but most importantly we enjoy it.

Apply now!

Just send an E-Mail to us with some Information about yourself and maybe you will play under our Name soon!

If you have any Offers for us, contact us here!

Partnerships and Offers!


N-emy now partnered with Teamspeak!

We are still working on our Teamspeak Server!
Will soon be online...

Our Discord

Our main Communications Platform

If you want to join our Community, go ahead and click on the Icon


N-emy partnered with GamerTransfer!

To find new Players we partnered up with GamerTransfer,
an online Player-Transfer Market platform.